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Add the impersonate role

To use this WebPart, you must add the impersonate role on your exchange organization to an account.

To do this, follow this link for Exchange 2010 or this one for Exchange 2007

The account configured is very critical, it can show all mailbox of your organization !

Install the solution

Ok now you can add the package to your SharePoint 2010 Farm. To do that, use the SharePoint PowerShell and the Add-SPSolution cmdlet.

Then, use the Central Administration to deploy the solution.

Activate the WebPartExchange Feature at the "Sites collection Feature" level.

The webpart was added to the WebPart catalog.

You can add it, on any page of you site collection.

Configure the WebPart

The WebPart must be configured properly to work.

Start to edit the webpart properties, you must fill in :
  • The URL of the Exchange Web Service, normally http://youexchangeserver/ews/exchange.asmx (type in your browser to verify);
  • The Exchange version
  • The emails number to load (default 10);
  • The impersonation account;
  • The impersonation password;
  • The impersonation domain;
  • You can have more details on errors if you tick the checkbox.

Resource file (language)

This WebPart use resource file.
You can modify them on C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\Resources\WPExchangeResource.resx
You can create additional resource file for your SharePoint language.

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