Invalid Impersonnate User

Mar 17, 2014 at 5:02 PM
Kindly note that i am using the webpart (2013 version),and am facing the below error :

InvalidImpersonateAccount User
MailBox : .....
Error Code ErrorInvalidUserPrincipalName
Message:The impersation principal name is invalid
Error on getlatestunreaditems function
Error Code : at WP_Exchange.WP_Exchange.WP_ExchangeUserControl.getlatestunreditems(Folder Inbox)

  • Knowing that the impersontated user has inbox and the account we tried to get his unread email has also an inbox.
  • I tried this webpart in sharepoint 2010 and it was working fine.
  • the issue is clear , the user used for the impersonation is invalid , so could you please post the steps how to grant the user the impersonation role ? it is different from 2010 ?